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Creator :

Richard Harris

Stars :

Peter Davison, Sean Hughes, Rob Spendlove, Charles De'Ath

Genre :

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery

Release :


Rating :

7.7 from IMDb

Story :

He's gentle, old-fashioned, and decent; nice even when he's drunk. But these qualities only earn Detective Constable "Dangerous" Davies the scorn of his fellow detectives in a small London police station. His boss tells him straight out that he's the last detective he would assign to a major crime-solving mission. Unlucky in love, rumpled, and accident prone, Dangerous muddles on and, with the help of his eccentric friend Mod, he proves the merits of his dogged, unglamorous method. He likes being a detective and, occasionally, he gets to do some good.

Last Updated :

S4E5 : The Dead Peasants Society

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